Atheism+ and how I feel about it

I have been meaning to write a post about atheism, science, and politics for a while now. I have a half finished one sitting in my drafts folder on this site.  But over at Blag Hag there has been a bit of a revelation in the world of atheism in the form of Atheism+. I coalesces what I have been thinking for a while about how our lack of belief doesn’t really bind us together that well. It is like a “no on religion” campaign that we just get together for the single cause and there is no lasting relationship beyond knocking heads with theists.  What I find really binds me to my fellow heathens is the things I do believe in: rationalism, equal rights (women, minorities, LGBTQ), pro-choice, and a plethora of other progressive liberal items on my agenda.

I have also been finding that the more that I think about it the less I can separate my atheism from my politics from my academic life.  So this idea really helps to solidify what I have already been feeling on the issues of diversity and sexism in the atheist community (we need the first and don’t want the second). I want my daughters to be able to join the community and not get harassed because they are beautiful and not be disdained because they are brilliant. I think that we, non-believers, need to have a platform that we can agree on to push for positive social change within our societies.  We need to be able to look to each other and make steps forward in building a legacy of positive secularism because it is not enough to tear down religion and superstition we need to replace it with a egalitarian society.

Consider me sold on the idea of Atheism+

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2 responses to “Atheism+ and how I feel about it”

  1. Vicky Caramel says :

    ” I want my daughters to be able to join the community and not get harassed”

    …and I don’t want my son labeled as a ‘potential rapist’.

    Apart from the many other objections to this, “Women’s rights” opens the door to radical feminism, while closing it to things like father’s rights. Which i think is the whole point. IMHO this is an attempt by the RadFems at FreeThoughtBlogs to hijack the New Atheist movement to legitimize their own agenda. And to smuggle in some crazy dogma by essentially hiding their bitter pill in with the sugar.

    If the stated aims were ‘Human Rights’ and Egalitarianism… then I would have other objections, but I wouldn’t be nearly as hostile.

    • Thaddeus Aid says :

      “…and I don’t want my son labeled as a ‘potential rapist’.”

      I am not labelling your son as a potential rapist, but the evidence says that within the non-believer community that some of the boys don’t know how to behave around women. I don’t think that there is a hijacking of the New Atheism going on and it isn’t a Radical Feminist movement in my opinion, it is a progressive liberal one which does include feminism, but personally I am more of a post-gender egalitarian.

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